Mathew Cropper

Hi, I'm Mat. I'm a Senior Product Manager at Intercom. I help to make business personal for people who use mobile apps. On this page I share some of the products, features, and initiatives I've worked on over the years.


Mobile Carousels

Welcome to the most versatile and customizable way to reach, engage, and support your customers on mobile. With Mobile Carousels, you can show users around your smartphone app, highlight the things you know they’ll love, share product announcements and promotions, and provide proactive support before they even know they need it. Mobile Carousels helps your app stand out from the crowd.

Check out my blog post to learn more.

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NewsWhip Developer Hub

A hub for the community of developers using the NewsWhip API.


NewsWhip Sheets

An add-on for Google Sheets to monitor social media performance and search influential content.


NewsWhip Chrome extension

A Chrome browser extension that shows the social engagement stats and influencers for the page you're viewing.


Syndication API

An API for analysts in newsrooms to see how their content is being used by other outlets, and how that is performing on social media overall.


SDKs v2.0

A redesign of Zendesk's mobile SDKs to create a more seamless omnichannel experience for end-users, and interoperability between products. Sadly, I wasn't able to see this ship until after I left Zendesk.


Mobile SDKs on Fabric

We partnered with the folks at Fabric (owned by Google) to bring Zendesk's Support SDKs to their thousands of app developers.


Redesigned mobile Help Center

We redesigned the mobile Help Center experience to make it easier for people to browse and find the help they need quickly.


Custom interfaces for Chat SDK

An update to the Chat SDK to enable customers to build their own interfaces for real time conversations.


In-game support SDK

We built SDKs for all of King's studios to be able to quickly add player support features into their games.


King Care

A community support forum for players of King's games


Redundancy Payments Digital Exemplar

The RPS Digital Exemplar translates a complex series of paper processes for claimants of redundancy pay, and Insolvency Practitioners, into a secure digital form. I was the lead Business Analyst on the project, responsible for the management of requirements, testing, developing the service's Operating Model, and defining an approach for digital inclusion (eg. support and accessibility).


ThoughtWorks digital Tech Radar

ThoughtWorks is well known for its Tech Radar, its opinion on technologies, tools, and techniques in the software industry. I worked on creating a digital version of the radar, which is now consumed by thousands in place of its PDF equivalent.


AML operating model and process change

This was a far reaching project to design and implement a new operating model and processes for anti-money laundering in branches and back office.


Network Transformation

Accenture and RBS undertook a significant cost saving exercise to radically transform its global data and telephony infrastructure. I was the Technical Design Lead for Europe and the Middle East regions, managing a team of over 70 Engineers globally.


ePayments and AML merger

During the merger of RBS and HBoS banks, I was responsible for Project Managing projects to bring their processes and systems together for international payments, CHAPS payments, and anti-money laundering.


Credit Card migrations

I was the Defect and Incident Manager for the migration of thousands of RBS's credit card customers to a new processing and BI platform.


Faster Payments

I was the Implementation and Incident Manager for the implementation of Faster Payments at Barclays Bank. Faster Payments brought near instant bank transfers to the UK, where previously it could take 3 to 5 days for a transfer to take place and clear. Barclays was the first bank to make a payment through the system.