War Stories code of conduct

This page describes what I commit to, and what people can expect if they participate.


  • Anyone, from any profession, may express an interest in sharing their experience as part of this project.
  • I particularly welcome contributions from people who belong to under-represented groups.
  • Participants may choose to be attributed for their contribution, or take part anonymously.
  • If your company has a policy on giving interviews, make sure you know it in advance and follow it.
  • Participants must be comfortable conversing in English.


  • Participants will be interviewed for ~1 hour, either in person or via conference call. The meeting will be recorded.
  • Interviews that contain sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, or other offensive, derogatory, or inappropriate content will not be used.
  • Do not share stories or information that are confidential. Once published, anyone in the world will be able to hear it. It's up to you to decide what qualifies as confidential material.
  • Participants will be given a copy of the raw recording immediately following the interview, and invited to review it. They may request redactions, which I will honour.
  • The interview will be edited prior to publication. This is to fit the content into a 45 minute slot, and to account for narration to be added.
  • Participants will be given a copy of the final edit, and invited to review it.


  • Your interview will not be published until you are happy with it.
  • Publication means the final edit of the interview appearing on this website, as well as services that serve podcasts (eg. iTunes).
  • Once published, the content will also be shared on social media.