We all have anecdotes and stories about times that were formative in how we grew to be the people we are today. The stories about how we learned the skills and approaches that are essential to the world we work in.

How often do we share those stories? How do we pay that knowledge forward?

War Stories will be a collection of stories from people on the front line of their profession, sharing the hard earned lessons they picked up along the way. 

I would love to share your story. Use the form on this page to let me know that you'd like to participate.

What will this involve? If you are interviewed:

  • I'll need 30-60 minutes of your time for an in-person meeting or conference call.
  • I'll ask you a series of questions on different themes, which will be shared in advance. 
  • This will be recorded, and the audio will be edited and used to produce the series.

Register your interest in taking part by filling in this form

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