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This is my résumé.

I'm passionate about how we communicate and work together. I care about connecting with a vision and strategy to create experiences that people find valuable. Having a positive impact on the world around me gives me a kick.

I'm the Product Manager for Mobile, which means I'm thinking about the unique needs of our customers in that space.

Right now I'm working on a few very cool things. I'm..

  • Getting to know our mobile customers as part of early discovery of their needs.
  • Looking into specific customer needs for better mobile onboarding.

As Product Manager for APIs, Apps, Syndication, and Special Projects, I was responsible for our most technical products, building strategies for improving our internal use of our APIs, as well as thinking forward about customer needs, developer experience, and partnership opportunities.

My team has launched products that have been directly responsible for seven figure recurring annual revenue growth.

Things I worked on:

  • Creating and launching NewsWhip's new company values.
  • Operating model review, and remote working strategy.
  • Custom content streaming API.
  • Improvements in content discovery processes.
  • Product development process improvements.
  • NewsWhip Sheets, an add-on for Google Sheets.
  • NewsWhip Developer Hub.
  • Internal API standards.
  • NewsWhip Chrome Extension.
  • An approach for managing custom development projects for clients.
  • Dedicated learning time for my team.
  • The Syndication API, for newswire customers.

Zendesk's Mobile SDKs bring the power of the Support and Chat products to mobile apps, helping Zendesk's customers to build great relationships with their users.

As the Product Manager, I was responsible for the vision and strategy for our SDKs, and working with world class Design and Engineering teams to make that vision a reality. Since taking the role, adoption of all Mobile SDKs has grown significantly, including 7x year on year growth for usage of the Chat SDK and a doubling of Support SDK adoption. The quality and content of each SDK has improved markedly. We've also partnered with Google Fabric to distribute the Support SDK even further.

Things I worked on:

  • [SDKs] Integrating the Support SDK with Zendesk's Pathfinder app.
  • [SDKs] Help Centre article voting.
  • [SDKs] An API for understanding whether a customer has unread support messages.
  • [Apps] Configuration of ticket views.
  • [Apps] Support for managing Problem and Incident tickets.
  • [SDKs] Improved developer experience with new documentation approach.
  • [SDKs] Zendesk Kit on Fabric.
  • [SDKs] The Connect SDK.
  • [SDKs] A vision for omnichannel support in mobile apps, leading to Support SDK v2.
  • [SDKs] Enhanced Help Centre experience and design.
  • [SDKs] Bespoke Chat SDK UIs.
  • Developer platform go-to-market strategy.

King is one of the world's best known mobile entertainment creators, best known for the Candy Crush series of games. As Service Improvement Director I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of Data Scientists, Business Analysis, Project Managers, and Engineers to do one thing: make the support experience for our players and agents the best in the world.

We used data and user research, combined with a strong player-first mentality, to build something truly special. An agile support methodology, iterative process iteration and design, data-driven decision-making, A/B testing, best in class self-service tools, in-game support, strong VIP strategy, a company-wide 'voice of the player' initiative, dedicated in-house technology for support teams and the wider business.. In short, a smooth, well thought out, and evolving team and ways of working.

Things I worked on:

  • Z2 Studio player support process harmonisation.
  • VIP strategy.
  • In-game support technology and processes.
  • Social media support technology and processes.
  • Zendesk proof of concept and rollout.
  • Responsible gaming process.
  • Voice of the Player, taking player feedback to all of King's offices.
  • King Care support sites and community.
  • Advanced player segmentation and predictive analytics.
  • Team training and development approach.
  • Launching Candy Crush Saga in China with Tencent.
  • Player support processes and continuous improvement.

I joined ThoughtWorks as a Business Analyst, focusing my time on bringing paper and print to the web, both internally and with our clients.

The ThoughtWorks Technology Radar is ThoughtWork's opinion on what's hot (and not) in tech each quarter, and was previously delivered as a PDF download. In this project I worked with an Engineer and Designer to build a digital experience. It was a hit, and in the years since it was launched it has remained largely unchanged.

I also worked with the UK Government's Redundancy Payments Service (RPS) to bring their claims process to the web, replacing the expensive and time consuming paper and OCR process that existed previously. This was also the first time that the RPS had used an agile approach to software delivery, and a large part of my role was pairing with the Product Owner and Business Analysts to help them gain the skills to continue the work when ThoughtWorks' engagement came to an end.

Things I worked on:

  • Redundancy Payments Digital Exemplar
  • Business Analyst events.
  • LGBTQI equality and Stonewall partnership.
  • The first ever online version of the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar.

During 6+ years at Accenture I worked on and led a plethora of challenging financial services business, software, and infrastructure programmes over those years. That meant working for some of the world's largest retail and commercial banks, in the UK and abroad.

In addition to successes in my project work, I also spent a couple of years on the UK's LGBT steering committee, and worked on our submissions to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. I also worked on a wide reaching policy review to ensure that our internal policies and processes were LGBT-friendly.

Things I worked on:

  • Instructor of Java and professional skills.
  • Commercial Bank Anti-Money Laundering Programme Manager.
  • Bespoke Projects Lead for networking, telephony, and contact centre.
  • Network Transformation Design and Implementation Lead for EMEA.
  • LGBT Steering Committee member, including policy review and Stonewall WEI submission.
  • Test Lead for Electronic and International Payments during the merger of Lloyds Bank and HBoS.
  • Technical Design and Implementation Manager for Anti-Money Laundering merger of Lloyds Bank and HBoS.
  • Business Analyst for Electronic and International Payments during the merger of Lloyds Bank and HBoS.
  • Payments Data Warehouse Defect and Incident Manager.
  • Card Migration Defect and Incident Manager.
  • Faster Payments Defect Manager, Implementation Manager, and Incident Manager.
  • Communications Analyst and PMO.