In NewsWhip's words:

NewsWhip tracks how billions of people engage with stories across all social networks. Our products give the most complete and unique insight into what stories audiences care about today, and what's proven to engage historically.

TL;DR - Key Facts

In first 3 months delivered new API product worth 6 figure annual recurring revenue

Defined API, integrations, partnerships, and syndication roadmap for 2018

Significant investment in team ways of working, learning, and morale



Product Manager, APIs and Syndication

Oct 2017 - Present

I joined NewsWhip at a time when the direction for their API and Syndication products was unclear. The products were advancing, but lacked a clear and coherent vision for what would bring the most values to customers, and to NewsWhip itself, as a growing company.

In my first quarter in the role, I made this my focus, delivering value-focused features whilst working with various teams to explore and define a new, compelling, and ambitious roadmap for 2018.