My CV / resumé

01 // A little about me

👋 Hi, I'm Mathew. You can call me Mat if you like. I'm an experienced Product Manager living in Dublin, Ireland.

Developer-focussed products and experiences are my thing, and right now I'm helping to build the next generation of APIs, integrations, and partnerships that will empower NewsWhip's customers to understand the spread of news and content online. Before that, I was responsible for SDKs for mobile app developers at Zendesk, embedding self-service, messaging, and live chat in their products.

Aside from being a strong Developer Experience advocate, I have a love for the craft of Product Management. You'll usually find me with my nose in a book or blog post about ways of working, techniques, and experiences.

02 // What I'm doing now

NewsWhip tracks how billions of people engage with stories across all social networks. Our products give the most complete and unique insight into what stories audiences care about today, and what's proven to engage historically.

I'm the Product Manager for APIs, Integrations, and Syndication (October 2017 to date). I work with a team of talented Designers, Engineers, Salespeople, Success Advocates, and Marketers to continue to grow and enhance each of these product areas. The value proposition is simple; we make it easy to bring our data and insights into our customer's products, enriching their workflow and giving them the picture they need to make strong editorial and content marketing decisions.



NewsWhip's API currently provides a searchable window on our data; web content, social content, social performance, and influencers.

Led by me, we're thinking more keenly about the outcomes we want to enable via our API. We're at the start of a journey to bring a more compelling offering to market, starting in-house with our own behind-the-scenes API design and delivery.


Not every company has a team of developers at hand to build our data and insights into their products. For these customers, single click deployments are the order of the day. I'm working hard to bring valuable out of the box tools to our customers.

Check out the NewsWhip Chrome Extension for our first integration. It's free to use.


The Syndication product empowers newswire services to understand how their content is redistributed, who is using it, and how that republished content performs. Our customers use this to support their billing processes, as well as to make decisions on where they will make investments in coverage.

Since joining NewsWhip, we've built a new and comprehensive API for the Syndication product. It's already responsible for six-figure annual recurring revenue.

Developer experience

Building tools for developers in one thing. Empowering them to use them is another, and I'm doing that by defining and executing on a series of developer experience improvements. Documentation, tutorials, content strategy, and direct engagement are all areas that I'm working to level up at the moment.

03 // What I'm available for

I work full time at NewsWhip. I'm available for out of hours advisory and consultancy work on the following subjects:

  • Developer experience
  • Product strategy for developer products, like APIs and SDKs
  • Developer documentation
  • Vendor selection, mainly for developer use cases (eg. support, documentation platforms, API management etc)

Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

04 // What else I've done

Zendesk (Oct 2015 to Sep 2017)

Product Manager for Mobile SDKs, Zendesk's developer toolkits for mobile apps. I was responsible for a new vision and strategy for the SDKs, and saw significant growth in usage and adoption year on year. When I left, version 2 of the Support SDKs for Android and iOS were well underway.

As part of my developer-first approach we:

  • Rewrote our documentation to be outcome focused and to include more programming languages, reducing time on site from ~5 minutes to ~2 minutes.
  • Built repositories of working code examples
  • Set up an SDK-developer Slack team, providing developers with a direct link to the team
  • Put in place regular opportunities for engineers to contribute to our engineering blog

We also partnered with Fabric to increase the reach of our SDK products.

King (Jun 2014 to Oct 2015)

Director of Service Improvement in King's Customer Operations team, responsible for process design/improvement, self-service tools, in-house technology, and VIP strategy. I responsible for a team of Business Analysts, Data Scientists, and Project Managers.

I reported progress to our C-level staff with the Senior Director, and was responsible for many key initiatives and improvements.

  • Pioneered reusable in-game player support tech.

  • Served 500,000 players with self-service Q&A site, King Care, each day.

  • Process improvement and tech change to enable 1 hour (max) response times for VIPs.

  • Shift from 'requirement and request' processes to use agile ways of working.

  • Produced detailed player insights reports, shared broadly across the company. These formed the basis of new studio KPIs.

  • Created a social media support programme.

  • Ran a series of high value experiments, which were used as inputs for building a strategy for managing VIP players.

  • Launched the 'voice of the player' tool company-wide, bringing player insights to all of our studios.

  • Performed analysis and process design for using machine learning to better segment our players and automate parts of the support process.

ThoughtWorks (Nov 2013 to May 2014)

Business Analyst, focusing on digitising paper processes and coaching others on agile ways of working.

Accenture (Oct 2007 to Nov 2013)

Manager in the Financial Services practice, focused on regulatory compliance. I had a breadth of experience across business process design, software delivery, and infrastructure for several retail and investment banks.