Mathew Cropper

Product strategy and the time poor PM
July 23, 2020

This week I spoke at Product School, sharing my advice for Product Managers who have problems defining their product direction and making decisions, but have struggled to find the time to invest in strategy work. I share what's worked for me, as well as the tools and principles I use to guide me.

All Onboard!
January 22, 2020

At Mobilize Dublin's January meetup, I shared some of the work we're doing at Intercom to help our customers to give their app users an amazing onboarding experience. I talked about how we explored the problem, decided on a solution, and shared a sneak peak at what we're building right now.

War Stories #6 - Amy Lynch (Head of Inclusion and Diversity)
February 27, 2018

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Amy Lynch this month. She’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion at ThoughtWorks, a global consultancy company with one of the most diverse workforces I’ve ever come across.

War Stories #5 - Mark Goodfellow (Project Manager in Healthcare)
January 22, 2018

Mark Goodfellow is a Project Manager with a difference. He’s helping to bring Electronic Patient Records to people on the front line of the UK’s National Health Service. He’s also allowed to don the uniform and be on that front line as a qualified nurse himself. He has several desks, each reflecting his different roles and experience.

War Stories #4 - Jennifer Williams (Political and Social Affairs Journalist)
December 12, 2017

Jennifer Williams covers political and social affairs news at the Manchester Evening News, as Social Affairs Editor. She’s broken important stories around failings of the National Health Service in the northwest of the UK, as well as coverage of the ‘spice’ drug problem haunting Manchester’s homeless population.

War Stories #3 - Dr Matthew Jones (Associate Professor of Film Studies)
November 10, 2017

This month, I’m chatting with Dr Matthew Jones, Associate Professor of Film Studies at De Montfort University.

War Stories #2 - Stephen Siragher (Business Analyst)
September 14, 2017

I’ve known Stephen for ten years. We met when we both started out with careers in consulting, working for one of the world’s largest consulting and outsourcing companies.

War Stories #1 - Martin Bryant (Community Editor)
August 9, 2017

In this episode I talk to Martin Bryant, Community Editor at Tech North, and previously Editor In Chief at The Next Web.