I use a few third party services to make this site work, and those services may leave a cookie in your browser. These are all needed to run the site, so none can be optionally disabled.

Services I use on every page

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to tell me how many page views each page of the site gets over time, as well as things like time spent on page, bounce rates etc. This info is collected in an anonymous form.

This helps me to understand what kind of content works well and spot any issues where the navigation of the site might not be working as expected.

My Google Analytics account is not linked to a Google Ads account, or any other advertising service.

You can read more about Google Analytics cookies here.

I use Intercom as a way for you to get in touch with me. If you click on the contact button, the Intercom Messenger opens.

Intercom uses two cookies; one to leave a unique identifier for you, and one to track how many times you have visited the site. These are first party cookies, unique to this domain. This info is collected in an anonymous form. If you share your contact info (eg. email address), the info becomes linked.

You can read more about Intercom cookies here.

Services I use on some pages

I sometimes embed content from third party services, and those services may use cookies.

The site currently contains embedded content from the following services: ART19, Soundcloud, TED, YouTube.