Binks the Product Management Cat

In his 44 cat years (7 human years), Binks has become a masterful Product Manager. Here he shares his biggest lessons.


Get into a routine.

Predictability reduces stress and helps you do the things that are important to you.


Build a network.

A network gives you support when you need it, advice when you ask for it, and treats when you beg persistently. Don't tell dad, but I visit two other families for treats most days.


Can't control it? Don't sweat it.

If something is stressing you out but you can't control it, do what I do; sigh really loudly, eat something comforting, and nap it off.


Recognise your successes.

I'm the best at hoarding sticks. No other cat comes close. It might sound like arrogance at first, but it isn't. Your own self-disbelief will hold you back.



You don't sleep enough. Sleep more. 18 hours a day will do the trick.