About the War Stories project


Podcast feed URL: https://pcr.apple.com/id1269599544

The War Stories project is a monthly podcast, interviewing people from a wide range of backgrounds and careers, exploring a simple question..

"How did you get where you are, and what did you learn along the way?"

I decided to do this for a couple of reasons..

Firstly, we don't get that many opportunities to pay forward the experience we have in our careers. I wanted to do this for those at the start of the journey, or those who just hit a rocky path.

Secondly, it's easy to find yourself in an experience echo chamber. We talk to and read about other Engineers, Artists, Strategists, Nurses.. We don't consider that they probably experience similar problems, and might offer fresh perspectives that we might find useful.

The War Stories project answers a straightforward enough question, with the hope that the answers people give will be interesting and useful to a broad range of people.