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Streamlining your GTD workflow with Todoist and Zapier

I'm a big old fan of the GTD methodology for helping me to keep on top of lots of spinning plates and stay sane. If you haven't come across it before, here's a great place to start:

In Product Management, as with many disciplines, I discover things that I need to do in all kinds of places. Conversations, workshops, meetings, reading, forms, email, IM, forums etc. Manually bringing those things into my GTD workflow is fine, but automating it is even better.

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Calm and focus in a crisis

@loganmeetsworld asked a question about incident management and problem solving discipline. Alas, I had too many thoughts for a Twitter thread, so here are my ramblings. In this post I talk about the importance of calm as a natural precursor to being able to problem solve effectively, and how to focus on the problem at hand.

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Get your message across every time with relationship mapping

Relationship mapping is one of the most powerful techniques I learned in my career. It’s the most effective method I’ve ever come across for making sure that the right people hear my message, and react to it favourably. In this post, learn exactly what it is, why it’s a useful technique for managing your career goals or winning complex deals, and how to do it.

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