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Streamlining your GTD workflow with Todoist and Zapier

I'm a big old fan of the GTD methodology for helping me to keep on top of lots of spinning plates and stay sane. If you haven't come across it before, here's a great place to start:

In Product Management, as with many disciplines, I discover things that I need to do in all kinds of places. Conversations, workshops, meetings, reading, forms, email, IM, forums etc. Manually bringing those things into my GTD workflow is fine, but automating it is even better.

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Calm and focus in a crisis

@loganmeetsworld asked a question about incident management and problem solving discipline. Alas, I had too many thoughts for a Twitter thread, so here are my ramblings. In this post I talk about the importance of calm as a natural precursor to being able to problem solve effectively, and how to focus on the problem at hand.

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Developer Experience Ideation Toolkit

In this post, I'm sharing my tried and tested approach for thinking about DX. I've applied this to API design, documentation design, event management, support processes, content strategies, and more. I've found it to be an effective way to kick off ideation in this space, and a great way to get discussion started.

Read on to see how I use the DX Ideation Toolkit, what's in there, and how you can download it. Please share your feedback and thoughts in the comments!

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A week in the life (aka "What does a Product Manager do?")

I'm chatting with a couple of people at the moment who are curious about getting into Product Management. They're asking similar questions, and one that we keep circling around is essentially "what do you actually do?"

I wrote this post because it's easy to find lists of the high level responsibilities and skills that people say Product Managers need. It's a lot harder to take those lists and bring them to life for someone at the start of their journey into Product.

This is a list of what I actually did this week, broken out by day. Real tasks, not high level responsibilities.

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You don't suck. You just think you do.

Whether we care to admit it or not, imposter syndrome stalks us all. Sometimes we feel it more or less acutely than others, but it's there and a fact of life. Most commonly in my discussions with other Product Managers I find that we think obsessively about three key themes; we aren't developing ourselves, we aren't sharing enough with the community, and we lack hustle.

I decided to try to put some numbers around this thinking, to help us to understand how we really stack up against our peers. In an anonymous survey, 51 Product Managers shared their habits in several important areas. In this post I share the results.

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Hey sucker! Five cognitive biases you'll see being abused everywhere in January

Believe it or not, marketers are a clever bunch. They are possibly the best at putting behavioural economics research to use, and never more so is this on my mind than over Christmas and throughout January. The internet, TV, and stores are awash with marketing messages designed to take advantage of my natural biases. Here are five plays, taking advantage of our cognitive biases, that you’ll see everywhere in January. Beware!

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