Hi. I'm Mat. The fun part of my job as a Product guy at Zendesk is that I get to think a lot about customer experience, building great products, and how we work together to do that. Welcome to my blog!


Two months with the Bose QuietComfort 30 wireless headphones

In December I bought the Bose QC30 earphones, and have been using them solidly ever since. I bought them instead of Apple’s Airpod’s because (1) I thought they looked less silly, and (2) I don’t think I could live without noise cancellation after having had the QC20, the wired equivalent, before.

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Analysis foundations for process improvement

Understand why using domain modelling techniques, tracing user journeys, and building useful process maps, will help you build kick-ass To Be models.

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Post-holiday playbook: re-establish your connection and direction

Most of the team has taken the last couple of weeks off, enjoying a well deserved break. Maybe your customers have as well. Getting together again is going to be awesome, and there’s going to be a lot of energy. Here’s my post-holiday checklist for making the most of that, channelling it into reconnecting with our shared goals and direction.

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Hey sucker! Five cognitive biases you'll see being abused everywhere in January

Believe it or not, marketers are a clever bunch. They are possibly the best at putting behavioural economics research to use, and never more so is this on my mind than over Christmas and throughout January. The internet, TV, and stores are awash with marketing messages designed to take advantage of my natural biases. Here are five plays, taking advantage of our cognitive biases, that you’ll see everywhere in January. Beware!

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I'm managing my own career.. wtf?

You’ve been told that your career is yours to manage and that opportunities are out there for you to find. You find yourself master of your own destiny, but don’t really know what that means, or how to effect change. This post is for you.

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