Resources for business analysts

There are blogs aplenty about business analysis, mine included. This page is all about collating the things I have found to be useful or inspiring, so that others in the community can benefit. I'll update this from time to time as I come across new and interesting things.

By far one of the facilitation tools I use most frequently is the Gamestorming website (or book if I'm travelling and can't get at it). Learn how you can use various games and activities together to solve business problems and build understanding.

User story mapping
Jeff Patton writes about techniques for great user story conversations, and using them in a map to highlight priorities, dependencies, and needs.

User story mapping
That's right.. this bad boy is mentioned twice. It's that good.

Design Principles FTW
A curated list of documented design principles from all over the world.

A Lesson in Perspective
An essay on the 'overnight test', and creating some perspective on the things we work on.

Behaviour Wizard
If you're designing for behavioural change, this handy tool will give you food for thought in designing your incentives, triggers, and measurements.

Cognitive Lode
Behavioural economics and consumer psychology primers, on a beautifully designed page.

Variable rewards
Using variable rewards to drive behavioural change

Agile Team Ceremonies
A really handy and visual explanation of common agile get-togethers and ways of organising roles in teams.

If you're running a retrospective, this site has tonnes of interesting and useful ways of doing them. Pick and mix your favourites to build unique retrospectives.

Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule
An essay on the different ways of working between programmers and managers.

Do we need a business analyst?
A blog post from ThoughtWorks asking whether you really need business analysts in agile teams.

Team communication and collaboration.

Layered wireframing and process mapping software for Mac.

Alfred 2
Productivity shortcuts for Mac.